Palm Pre Coming to Mobility Nigeria

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Okay, I understand that your heads may be swimming by now. First, it was the iPhone 3GS, then the Nokia N8, and now as a result of what I considered a twist of bad luck, a Palm Pre! Yes; all here at Mobility Nigeria within one week.

Yup, the Pre is getting old (well, just a year old, really), but I have always wanted a Pre or Pixi just to have a feel of WebOS. And what fun would it be if I kept it all to myself? Hang around.



  1. I do not consider this bad luck at all, this is a great event, the pre and the N8 is our sallah gift. I cant wait for the review.

  2. I UNDERSTAND what Yomi means. the palm pre has been an under-performer. even major UK carriers are not offering it subsidized.

    what it shows is that the palm pre has very good reviews but does not do well in sales!

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