A long, long time ago, long before the time of iOS and Android OS, there was a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and later smartphone brand

Palm smartphones with Android OS is a bad idea

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A long, long time ago, long before the time of iOS and Android OS, there was a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and later smartphone brand called Palm. The devices ran Palm OS. If you are old enough to have experienced that age, you must cringe at the travesty of having Palm smartphones run Android OS.

Palm smartphones - Treo Centro
Palm Treo Centro

The last smartphone to run palm OS was the Centro. Dateline: 2008. Palm Inc. tried its hands on devices running Windows Mobile – and failed. Then it developed and tried a new platform called WebOS – and failed too at that, though the evidence suggests that the failure at that point was more due to unimpressive hardware than the platform.

Anyway, eventually, Palm Inc. went away.

Bringing Back Palm Smartphones

Now, TCL, the guys behind the new Blackberry smartphones running Android OS, want to revive the Palm brand – and guess, have them run Android OS too. Sigh. Who came up with such an insipid idea?

I know that Android OS and iOS do not have any serious contenders anymore. BlackBerry OS is dead. Windows Mobile is the walking dead. But what exactly will Android-powered palm smartphones bring to the table? What will they bring that we already do not have from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, TECNO, Infinix, BlackBerry and the existing legion of Android smartphone manufacturers?

Am I the only one who is tired of turning right, then left, and seeing that all the options available are more of the same? Well, iOS is a solid alternative, but once you eliminate it, all you have left are scores of smartphone brands that differ only in name. Tiring. Uninspiring.

No; we do not want another old brand running the same thing that 80% of the smartphone market is already running. TCL should let the ghost of Palm rest in peace if there isn’t anything distinct that the brand will bring to the table.

I am not excited about the idea of Palm smartphones that run Android OS. And Palm does not have Nokia’s mind share. Nokia stands a chance because a huge amount of people still remember the brand with fondness. How many Palm fans still exist? Who is going to care about Palm in 2018 when the first of the new devices hit the market? The 200 of us scattered around the globe old enough to remember that Palm smartphones once ran a sweet, simple, efficient OS named Palm OS that delighted us to no end?

PS: TCL acquired the Palm brand in 2015 10 years after HP purchased the brand.


  1. Mr mo,no harm in trial, you might fall in love with the new things they will add. So don’t write them off.

  2. Hey Mister Mo. Did I miss something? You travelled? Or is it my phone cache. Haven’t seen a new post from you since 5th Sept. Whats going on? Can’t take this silence anymore. Please resume.😣😣

  3. Ovie, travel ke? we have been posting daily all through the month.

    It must be a cache issue. please clear your cache. In yourbrowser settings, also delete all website data. Then reload Mobility.

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