Paris Bike Sharing Service Exits After Theft And Vandalism

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There is a bike sharing service planning on setting up shop in Lagos, Nigeria, and when I ran into this bit of news that a Paris bike sharing service has lost 3400 bikes to vandalism and decided to exit, I thought, Aha! says that over 1,000 of its bikes have been stolen and around 3,400 more vandalised in the city of Paris. The start-up’s statement says, “Over the months of December and January, the mass destruction of our fleet has become the new entertainment of under-aged individuals, encouraged by content broadly shared on social media.”

Paris Bike Sharing Service - Gobee bike

But the bad behaviour isn’t limited to Paris. Add Brussels, Rome, Milan, Turin, and a few other cities in and around France to the list. have had their bikes stolen and vandalised in those cities as well.’s decision is that their operations are not sustainable in these cities and so have pulled out.

Gobee’s Paris Bike Sharing Service

Goobee launched operations in Paris on 2017 and has acquired up to 150,000 users across France since then. The service works similar to Uber; users locate bikes for pick-up via a smartphone app. As Gobee leaves Paris, three other bike services, oBike, Ofo, and Mobike, are reported to still be in operation there.

Smoove Bike Sharing Service in Lagos

So, another bike sharing service named Smoove is reported to be bringing bicycle sharing service to Lagos roads. You can imagine what is going through my head as I read the news of Gobee.Bike’s experiences in Europe from The Telegraph.

What is a service like that going to experience in Lagos? This is the city where bridge hand railings disappear overnight, victims of vandalism. Sometimes, street light parts disappear too. And outside Lagos, if you care, petroleum pipelines get vandalised and huge barrels of oil disappear into thin air.

What do you think? Does a bike sharing service stand a chance in Las Gidi? Will the bikes last?


  1. I’m 95% sure this bike thing will not work in Nigeria, system like this is not our ways. lot more of bikes will be lost through stolen, no questions about that. Apart from stolen, we don’t have the road in this country to perform such activity.

  2. They should just leave that idea for now. we are not socially and morally mature in this country for such a start.

    i mean, even the more civilized cities had thefts not to compare to a place like Nigeria

  3. I don’t think theft will be the biggest problem in Lagos for Smoove – Lagos is simply not a bicycle-friendly city by any stretch of the imagination.

    Shoot, Lagos rarely considers pedestrians and motorbike riders are just about tolerated – cyclists don’t stand a chance on Lagos roads. A lot of drivers in Lagos don’t seem to know that a zebra crossing is for pedestrians and behave like it’s a move in Grand Theft Auto. Imagine how many cyclists and their ancestors will be cursed simply for, God forbid, cycling on a road and forcing Grand Prix driver to slow down.

    Good luck to them.

  4. Paris Bike Sharing Service Exits After Theft And Vandalism…They should program a password on it

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