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Do you often encounter cramped parking lots or narrow car ports? In those scenarios, even when you are able to park the car, you have no way to get out of it. Fret not. Thanks to mobile technology (and it cousins), you can now park your car remotely. Yes; you can actually get out of the car before parking it in style by waving your hands and muttering a few spells.

park your car remotely

First, You Need The Right Car

Mercedes-Benz and BMW already have production cars in the market that can be parked remotely. o, if you can afford a Mercedes-Benz E-class or BMW 7 series, you’re ready. You won’t find many cars equipped with this nifty functionality yet. But other brands like Volvo and Audi are getting on the train too. Of course, it i only a matter of time before it goes mainstream and becomes available on most cars.

How To Park Your Car Remotely: How It Works

Did we mention waving hands and muttering spells earlier? LOL. We were kidding. This isn’t hocus-pocus. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, remote parking works via a smartphone app called Remote Parking Pilot. It connects with the car and lets you pas commands across to it via Bluetooth.

BMW take a different route and use a dedicated remote control gadget. Yes; something similar to what you ue with the TV at home. We prefer the smartphone app route of Mercedes-Benz. I mean, who want one more gadget to carry around? But it is different strokes for different folk, so no qualms. The objective gets accomplished: you get to park your car without being inside it. Awesome!

So, when are you ordering your Mercedes-Benz E-Class or BMW 7 Series?

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  1. In those scenarios, even when you are able to park the car, you have no way to get out of it.

    Not really. Errrr… the boot and sunroof come to mind.

    Meanwhile, the folks who can afford this kind of car ironically won’t need this tech. Trust me on this

    Meanwhile, a simple solution to cramped parking lots is to simply buy a Ferrari Testosterone. The doors open upwards and not outwards.


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