Partner PS1 Hands-on and Pictures

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2GB RAM? In 2016? Those were the question that came to mind at my first glance at the new Partner PS1 smartphone. My Partner PS1 Hands-on time would probably have never happened if my first impression of the device was anything to go by.

On the pamphlet handed to me were key highlights of the PS1: Android version 5.1, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, and a 2,150 mAh Battery. But the truth is that all those did not make an impression on me by merely looking at the specifications sheet. I was totally uninterested.

Partner PS1 Hands-on photos

So, I ignored the phone for a while to play with the Partner KS1, which had caught my fancy. You see, it looked like something I could gift to a younger cousin. So, I dismissed the PS1. Alas, I was forced to recall my hasty judgement some minutes later when I finally got to inspect it up close

Partner PS1 Hands-on photos

I picked the Partner PS1 and ooh, it was light! Considering that the battery is just 2150 mAh, I guess that explains it. But was this all?

Partner PS1 Hands-on: Good Value

Fortunately, no. The PS1 felt very comfy and sleek in my hand. I instinctively felt the need to ask for the price. Guess what? It was just NGN 34,000. Taking a look at the specs again and that price, all my scruples disappeared. At that price, in my opinion, a budget range smartphone feels just right. Especially with the sky-rocketing prices of everything in the market at this time.

Partner PS1 Hands-on photos

Partner Mobile seems to offer good value for money at the moment. I really liked the PS1. Will it sell n the market? I hope so, but only time will tell.

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