If you have either the MCSA Windows Server 2008 or MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 certification, you should aim to update your skills and pass Microsoft 70-743 exam.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-743 Exam Through Practice Tests

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Major Opportunities with MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification

Information technology is a dynamic sector. Innovations are being introduced every day, and while this is happening, the old ones become obsolete. That’s why IT experts need to make their skills relevant to the IT market needs and stay competitive there. An example of the ever-changing technology is Microsoft Windows Server that has already had several updates and transformations. That implies that specialists working with it should possess skills that resonate with the new server versions.

Pass Microsoft 70-743 Exam

If you are the owner of either the MCSA Windows Server 2008 or MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 certification, you should pass one certification examin order to update your skills. In this article, you’ll see why 70-743 test is an essential one if you need to work with Windows Server 2016.

The MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential is an effective way to test your IT skills, distinguish yourself from other job candidates and demonstrate your level of knowledge to HR managers. It gives you a competitive advantage because professionals with the badge are more in demand. So, let’s move to the details of this Microsoft 70-743 test that equips candidates sitting for it with technical knowledge, as well as skills related to Windows Server 2016.

Objectives and Details of Exam 70-743

The test verifies your abilities in deploying the basic architectural services of the 2016 version of Windows Server. You need to show your skills in installation, storage, networking, and computing in Windows Server 2016. Objectives include installing Windows Server in both compute as well as host environments, deployment of storage solutions, and Hyper-V implementation among others.

The test consists of 40-60 questions that you need to complete within the time limit of 2 hours. You’ll get the questions of the following types such as active screen, fill-in-the-blank, build list, multiple-choice, hot areas, case studies, and drag-and-drop. The average passing score is 700, still, you’ll have to pay $165 for this test. To take this exam you also need to register with the Pearson VUE.

Passing the exam is a must for earning the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, so let’s see what benefits the badge has.

Advantages of MCSA Windows Server 2016

With the evident transformation in the current version of the Windows Server, improving your expertise to be at the same level as the changes are important. Go on reading the article to find out why it’s necessary to upgrade your skills and which perks you’ll enjoy.

  1. Boost Your Self-Confidence and Professional Value

Once you acquire new skills, you become more knowledgeable on how to perform even more advanced tasks. Being a more skillful specialist, you become more capable to identify problems and provide solutions at work within a short time period. That means that you are a highly effective and valuable employee. Hiring managers prefer proactive, competent, and knowledgeable specialists. Improving your abilities will make you the best fit by employers since you will be an asset to the company. This will give you more confidence to continue improving and growing in your IT career.

  1. Improved Job Opportunities

With the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential, you have a chance to prove that you can take specific roles. Potential employers prefer accredited specialists since their skills have been proved by a worldly recognized company, which is an advantage for you. With the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge you can opt for such job positions as a computer network specialist, or a network systems administrator. So, having this certification you have more chances for applying for such job roles, as you become more visible for employers.

  1. Better Chances for Promotion

Nowadays, the job market is about standing out with competitive skills. This means that the more skillful you are, the better you complete your tasks, the more valuable employer you are. At your workplace, you are known as a self-driven worker who can anticipate and offer viable solutions to problems immediately they occur. As a result, you are more visible, gain authority among colleagues and become the candidate number one for your career promotion.

  1. Career Development

As the owner of the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, you are known as an ambitious person, able to set the goals and achieve them. But gaining only one credential is not enough. There’s always a place to grow and advance your skills. With the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge, you can opt for getting a credential of the higher level, which is MCSE Core Infrastructure. Thus, you have all chances to apply for such job positions as a computer support specialist, information security analyst, or an architect.

  1. High Salary

With updated abilities, you have a chance of getting a better salary at your workplace. As you are assigned to higher roles, your employer will make sure you’re paid well. According to the PayScale report for wage data, MCSA Windows Server 2016 is one of the highest paying certifications from Microsoft. You can be paid up to$103,615on average per year depending on your ability to implement skills.

Exam Preparation

Since you now understand why you must upgrade your knowledge, look at these tips that can help you prepare and pass Microsoft 70-743:


  • Take an Instructor-Led Training


Training is reliable as it helps you know the prerequisites and objectives of the test. The practice can be self-paced or instructor-led. One of these helpful 70-743 training courses to consider is the Microsoft 20743A Courseconducted by an instructor.


  • Study with Books


These study guides are designed by Microsoft exam professionals. They cover all exam topics of the test in an in-depth manner, so you can plan your time to be fully prepared for the exam.Exam Ref 70-743is one of the best manuals offered by Microsoft Press. You can also purchase it from Amazon.

How to Pass Exam 70-743 with Practice Tests?

You can hone your skills and see the level of your readiness by using supplementary prep material, such as practice tests. They are meant to assist you in preparing for the exam. These files come with questions and answers that help you understand the structure of the test. They will assist you in learning your weaknesses such that you can work on them until you’re sure you got what you need. PrepAway.bizis a trusted exam study platform that provides preparation materials such as practice tests, video lectures, and study guides. You can also find and download free Microsoft 70-743 test files that are updated by the recent exam takers. Using these prep materials will enhance your preparation greatly.


Ensuring you’re resourceful in the dynamic and competitive job market is important. By taking the Microsoft 70-743 exam and updating your skills, you show your readiness to adopt new trends in technology. That way, your skills will always stay upgraded and relevant to the requirements of the new IT market. You need to prepare well using the most reliable resources for your exam. Thus, don’t forget to check the PrepAway online platform with its valid and updated practice tests and visit the vendor’s official website. Thus, you’ll study using the best and efficient training material that will contribute to your success.

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