This Pastor Adeboye meme from the RCCG digital media team is brilliant!

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It is refreshing to see a social media handle play a solid card. And the RCCG social media team just won the hearts of everyone here at Mobility Arena. A very well thought out Pastor Adeboye meme was shared by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Twitter handle.

The Pastor Adeboye Meme

Here is the meme in question:
Pastor Adeboye meme

It is as perfect as any meme can be. The picture is on point, the message being communicated is on point and it is humourous to boot. You know that thing about a merry heart. If you have followed Twitter buzz around Pastor Adeboye’s teachings on relationships and marriage, you would be familiar with the theme of the meme. Whether you agree with the good pastor’s position in those messages or not, this meme is a perfect clap-back.

Was Daddy G.O. Involved?

We wonder if Pastor Adegboye was personally involved in the process that churned out this. Or was it 100% the work of others? We would love to have been flies on the wall in the control room when it all went down. Too bad we missed it. All for good too. We would probably have been bound and cast out like demons if discovered.

Our verdict remains that this Pastor Adeboye meme is absolutely on point and on fleek. We doff our hearts to the RCCG social media team and everyone involved in creating it. Like we say around here, those Redeemed guys are not playing again.

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