Would you pay $20,000 for a military-grade secure smartphone?

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Talking of secure smartphones, how much are we willing to part with to, ensure our safety,at least on mobile? This British-Israeli start-up, Sirin Labs plans to launch a new handset to be launched next month. The phone is targeted at executives and it is said to feature military-grade security.


Talking of the price, this phone will cost $20,000 !! It will be powered by Android, but the makers claim it will carry technology three years ahead of what is currently avail in the mass market. The company have already raised $72 million in private funding, from Israeli venture capital fund, Singulariteam. They also plans to open their first store in London’s Mayfair next month.



  1. I don’t have military-grade information at my disposal, so I can’t imagine what I need a $20,000 phone for.

    Not that I can actually afford it though.

  2. For what naa, what am I doing on the phone that warrants that. Even all my accounts join had never been close to that amount ever. And when I eventually have up to that. I’ll probably stop doing online banking on the main account altogether. 🙂

  3. From what I perceived this device is not upto dat amount dey are only trying to mak name on it datz what I think abi “mr mo”. Hw u see am?

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