Pay for Laptops and Smartphones Using Cows and Chicken

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Trade by barter is an age-old form of trade. In this age of e-commerce and m-commerce, one would think that no-one would be exploring barter as a form of commerce any more. Well, according to a news report from the China Daily, 29-year-old Huang Jie, decided to start accepting sheep as a way of encouraging rural people in the region to buy gadgets. He has the goods; his customers have sheep. Easy does it. Awesome. Take a look at the going rates:

Pay for phones with sheep

Now, this is not China, so we don’t do sheep here. Chickens, goats and cows, however, are common here. I am wondering how many chickens a TECNO Phantom A will cost, or how many cows a Lumia 925 will go for. Who wants to give this a try here in Nigeria or elsewhere on the African continent? Let me know, so we can give you some coverage here on MOBILITY. Not that your target market are likely to be reading this blog though….

Story via Textually via Tech In Asia.


  1. ain’t this uproariously funny!

    But then, everyday, on informal bases, trade by barter is going on.

    I have actually, in some momentary moments.of wishful think it, felt the pervasive corruption in the land can be effectively checked, if we were trading by barter.

    of course, this is just a tale of Eye_bee_kay in wonderland.

  2. I don’t need cows or sheep, just chickens. Wonder how many chickens I could sell a Tecno Phantom for?

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