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If you are a lover of gadgets, you are likely also a lover of great deals, and Nigeria’s pioneer and leading tech blog, MobilityArena, is proud to bring to you Pay Less, a service that helps you purchase the latest Android phones at attractive, discounted prices.

While every other service is trying to get as much out of you as possible, our Pay Less service provides you with the best smartphone deals you will find anywhere.

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How Pay Less Works

Pay Less is an installment payment system, but the deposit is made upfront. The regular kind of installment payment allows buyers to pick up the phone and pay the balance over some months with interest. You end up paying more than the phone costs in the market. This is different. This system makes sure you pay less, but collects a deposit upfront.

If you make a deposit now, in 30 days, you pay the balance and pick up your phone. That’s it. The attraction is that you pay less, and you get your phone without getting into debt. This is a great product for debt-averse people who also want the convenience of spreading their payments a bit.

How To Order

  1. Determine the mobile phone you want to buy and decide which phone store you want to buy this from. MobilityArena is not a phone store, so we do not have a stock of devices for you to pick from. Also, by letting you pick the phone store to buy from, you are able to hunt for the lowest price out there. Note that the store of your choice must have a physical outlet in Computer Village, Ikeja, where we can pick the device from. If you are unable to pick a store, we will source from reputable stores like Slot and Pointek, or wherever else we can find your desired smartphone at the best price.
  2. Complete this form to submit your order.
  3. We will reply you with the discounted fee you are to pay. Simply pay 50% of that as deposit to activate your order.
  4. In 30 days (or the work day after, if it falls on a weekend), pay the 50% balance and your phone is delivered to you. The phone will be delivered same day if payment is made before 12 noon, and the next day (week days) if payment is made after 12 noon.
  5. If you are based outside Lagos, a shipping fee will be added to your total fee. It will be dependent on how far away from Lagos your location is.
  6. This service provides brand new devices only.

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