YouTube Red: Would you pay a monthly fee to use it?

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Months ago, news spread that YouTube is set to introduce ad-free subscription service for viewers called YouTube Red. The process is already gaining momentum as many popular YouTube celebrities have signed up to be part of the service. By this, we mean owners of very popular channels on the video sharing website.

YouTube Red

Reports also suggest that for those refusing to sign-up for this service, their content will be blocked from viewers until they change their mind. Meanwhile, with the paid service in place, users will see no ads and will have a chance to officially download videos for offline viewing.

Best of all, YouTube will also roll out a number of tasty original TV shows exclusively for subscribed users. The service will be rolled out next year. Maybe then all details will be revealed.

Would you pay to use YouTube?


  1. I barely use YouTube, so I can’t imagine even remotely paying for the “privilege”.

    Whatever the price, even a dollar a month, isn’t worth it for me, but those who frequently use the service shouldn’t frown at having to pay. If it isn’t for you, there are alternatives. Be happy and move on.

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