PC-grade computing power arrives mobile with Motorola RAZR i

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I am not interested in every smartphone that is announced. It usually takes something outstanding to hold my attention. The Motorola RAZR i is certainly outstanding. It is the first smartphone that is powered by a a single-core 2GHz Intel Atom processor. That is PC-grade computing power on a mobile!

Motorola-Razr i

The Intel Atom CPU supports hyper-threading, so don’t look down on it because it is single-core. This is real bad-ass computing power. It is reported that the RAZR i’s 2GHz Intel Atom chip is so fast that the 8 megapixel camera starts under 1 second and can take 10 pictures in less than one second. Easy.Breathe. In. Out. That’s right.

The RAZR i sports Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, with a water resistant coating, plus some Kevlar casing. Sounds like a device for James Bond or Jason Bourne. Yeah.

Just last week, I was complaining of mobile being a little boring. Just this morning, I was hyperventilating over the LG Optimus G, and now this. I’ve had enough exciting news today already.

  1. I can’t help but look with awe at the amazing devices being announced each day. Each manufacturer trying to out do the other. But one question i keep asking my self is do we really need that much computing power on a smartphone? Or are smartphones gradually being phased out into tablets as each new device comes with greater computing power and also bigger screens. What would now be the difference between a SMARTPHONE and a TABLET??? Someone please help me out.

  2. When I hear of major advancement in hardware technology, such as this, I know it is a personalization of the death knell for conventional desktop PCs.

    Once the appropriate connectivity / interface exists, you can jettison your laptop and PC forever.

    Anytime a big display is needed, or a full-size keyboard is required, connect via usb_on_the_go , and you have your full fledged PC.

    lIt ooks like almost all the major laotop players now have joined or are planning to join the miniaturization train.

    HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo,….

  3. The difference between a smartphone and a Tablet SHOULD be size but OEMs are blurring the line.

    Is it just me, have never liked how motorola designs their devices. They are usually a tad ugly.

    My smartphone can NEVER replace my 15″ tablet. When I need to do accomplish something serious or type lengthy documents or watch a movie, 15″ beats the rest of my device. Back-up battery sucks in comparison though.

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