Mobilistas know me for the adventurous person that I am. I can totally go in one direction one day and in a different one the

People Hub: Using social media Vanilla style on Windows Phone

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Windows Phone People Hub

Mobilistas know me for the adventurous person that I am. I can totally go in one direction one day and in a different one the next. I love experiences.Diversities of experience make for a rounded view of life. I was going through the People Hub on my Lumia 920 this morning, following tweets and Facebook status posts fro my contacts, as well as responding to them. All of a sudden, I got to wondering what it would be like to use social media as designed for Windows Phone by Microsoft. No 3rd party Facebook and Twitter apps. Just the baked in defaults. I do most of my social networking from my smartphone, so it is quite an interesting proposition.

I immediately noticed that the People Hub provides no notifications. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you need. I remember in recent times when I needed to get away from distractions, including those from social media account notifications. For upwards of 10 years, I have slept an average of 4 hours each night. Doctors say I need to do better than that now. The kids are crossing into teenage territory and need more of my attention too. Perhaps as I cross mid-life and my priorities change, I can live with no notifications? Perhaps.

Another limitation of the People Hub is that it does not let the user quote tweets. I can retweet and reply but not quote. I love being able to quote. But then, perhaps not being able to quote will make me tweet less and focus my energies into more productive things? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Another limitation, and one that I find grievous, is the inability to add images to status updates from the People Hub. Oh boy…… I am unsure as to how I can hope to live without this one. This is going to be hard.

Still, this morning, I have uninstalled 3rd party Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook apps from my Lumia and will see how this experiment goes for a week. Expect my updates and hopefully some interesting feature articles from day to day.


  1. Mr Mo. Na wa for you and windows phone. I handled a windows 8 phone lumia 720 for the first time last week and it gave me serious head ache. I have handled iphone os6(iphone 4s), Android 4.2.2(Galaxy s4) and os7 blackberry(bold 9900,9320).The only thing familiar about the os was its resemblance of zune software(now defunct). I kept searching for were apps were stored and the features were just to confusing. I am not fan of iphone but i still believe that it has the easiest user interface followed by Android, ooops i meant os7 has the best user interface (but unfortunately it is now defunct) if am to use windows phone i would need at least one week to understand it. Besides the confusion, it has the best original user interface(perhaps that’s why am so confused lol)

  2. I don’t bother with the People Hub, I’d rather use individual apps as I find the Hub annoying and pretty useless. It was the first thing I uninstalled on my phone.

  3. Mister Mo, lemme correct that before you get too excited – I unpinned it and removed the Twitter and FB settings. It’s a nice concept but needs working on – and a lot of work too.

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