Performance changes in new Symbian browser on Nokia C7 Astound

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wapreviewDennis Bournique of is someone that I hold in high esteem in the mobile web world. He has had hands-on time with the Nokia C7 Astound which has some of the Symbian PR2.0 firmware pre-installed. One of those features is the new browser, and he has taken the pains to run certain performance tests (javascript and HTML5) on this.

Here, I quote Dennis on the performance of the new Symbian browser:

  1. I’m pretty happy with the new “pre-PR 2.0” Symbian browser on the T-Mobile Astound version of the C7. Not only is the user interface nicer and the feature set improved but browsing seems a lot faster than the E7/N8 browser.
  2. The new Symbian browser did significantly better than the old one on the HTML5 tests but still lags the competition. I’ve been hearing for months that the new browser would include geoocation support so I was surprised that both test suites reported it missing in the new Symbian browser. An indication perhaps that this isn’t the final PR 2.0 browser.
  3. I’m impressed that the new Symbian browser essentially matched Opera Mobile which is noted for its JavaScript performance on all platforms.

You should head over to WapReview for the full JavaScript Benchmarks and HTML5 Test Results of the New Symbian Browser.


  1. Good one there. But the strange thing is that Nokia does not treat their VIP customers with the awe and reverenve that they deserve. Imagine putting those features in an ordinary Astound and then allowing customers who have bought the E7 and N8 to salivate!!

    that is no way to treat your premier customers! Please roll out the Symbian updates to the N8!

  2. Afewgoodmen, the Astound is not an ‘ordinary’ phone. I ve been using it (known as c7 in other parts of the world) for the past two weeks and I make bold to say that it can stand up to most of the best smartphones we have today. It runs the same symbian OS as N8,has the same screen size,features HD video recording and playback etc.

    The main diffrences between them are: the N8 has 12 megapixel camera while the c7’s camera is 8 megapixel and different hardwares.

    Please always get your facts right before writing about phones you ve not handled or fiddled with. Or just talk about your closed iOS ecosystem!

  3. ‘…Please always get your facts right before writing about phones you ve not handled or fiddled with. Or just talk about your closed iOS ecosystem!…’

    @Azeez, cool down now! Haha! Give Afewgoodmen a break!

    Must you call a spade a ‘BLOODY spade’?

  4. Azeez, Really strange talking that way! And what do you mean by “Please always get your facts right before writing about phones you’ve not handled or fiddled with.”

    You do not know me, and of course, you do not have any right to claim to know the phones that I have or have not “fiddled” with!! And it wouldn’t be out of place if you are courteous in your write-ups.

    What I was trying to say and that I still maintain is that the C7 or Astound is NOT Nokia’s flagship phone! The N8 and E7 ARE! They cost much more than the C7. ANd as such customers who buy them should be regarded as PREMIER customers. They are buying the top-of-the-line Nokia (Symbian) phones in the market. And as such, I would expect them to be treated like VIPs. If any one should have any firmware update, why shouldn’t be them?

  5. Sheath your sword, afewgoodmen. I think you may have quoted me out of context. Your use of the word ‘ordinary’ in describing the Astound was why I reacted that way.
    I ve gat nothing against you. Cheers!

  6. This Astound is now endearing a heated debate. Who called the Astound Ordinary? And who feels slighted?

    Well, i can’t understand why Nokia decided to prempt its update on C7/Astound. While the other mobiles are waiting impatiently for “Summer”. One thing is probable tbough; Perhaps Tmobile of the US Paid Nokia, so the will be first on the icing and get a headstart.

    Or maybe, Nokia just planned to begin the invasion of the US. It’s about time!

  7. Its Nokia’s plan to sell in Us.

    They know US citizens will sure love to be the first to try it out.

    Its all Marketing.

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