The Xiaomi Mi 4 arrived Mobility Towers last week and I have been playing with it since then. It is a smartphone that one immediately

Performance Face-off: TECNO Phantom 5 versus Xiaomi Mi 4

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The Xiaomi Mi 4 arrived Mobility Towers last week and I have been playing with it since then. It is a smartphone that one immediately falls in love with – great build and well refined user interface, both looking like they were taken out of an iPhone white paper. Everything about this Android smartphone screams iPhone!


The Mi 4 is also a powerful device that is powered by a 2.5GHz processor processor and 3GB RAM. It came as a surprise when it would sometimes pause in the middle of a task. I noticed this immediately because I was coming from the TECNO Phantom 5 where I had no such issues. So, I decided to put both phones through three benchmark tests.

TECNO Phantom 5 versus Xiaomi Mi 4


Here are the performance specifications of each phone and the test results:

TECNO Phantom 5 Xiaomi Mi 4
Display: 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels Display: 5.0 inches, 1080 x 1980 pixels
MediaTek MT6753 Octa-core 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.5 GHz
GPU: Mali-T720 GPU: Adreno 330
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Android 4.4.4 kitkat
Quadrant: 21,415 Quadrant: 17,835
AnTuTu: 33,374 /33,669 AnTuTu: 42,274 / 39,861
GeekBench: 611 single-core, 2,737 multi-core GeekBench: 782 single-core; 1,837 multi-core
N69,500 N59,500

It is interesting that during the tests, the Phantom 5 completed tasks faster. For example, during the AnTuTu test, when the P5 was at 100%, the Mi 4 was at 76%.


I am no engineer, but it is odd that the Xiaomi Mi 4 pauses sometimes in the middle of operations. It doesn’t happen regularly, but it is really odd that it happens at all.

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  2. The phantom should be faster honestly looking at the multi -core performance Vs the Mi 4. I think am in love with the phantom 5

  3. Wow! I read Techcabal’s review of phantom 5 and they weren’t impressed with the performance. I’m surprised that Phantom 5 somehow edges the Mi 4.

    Anyways , to be honest , Snapdragon Processor is really over hyped.

  4. Think tis GPU n OS fault. Cos coming from m2, noticed m3 had unnecessary lag on stock rom. Diff was d GPU… N then fluid on custom roms.. N I have always had issues with miui rom n ram consumption

  5. Well, while Google is launching
    the preview of the next
    Android M 6.0, most phones are
    still stuck with Kit Kat 4.0.

  6. I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and there’s absolutely no hiccups on the performance I could detect after 2 months of usage..

  7. Xiaomi is far better than tecno. Xiaomi competes with Samsung and the big boys. You need to do more research.

  8. Totally expected! Xiaomi sucks at optimization. You have to tweak device settings well well to get their gadgets to behave. #SpeakingFromExperience.

  9. @Mo trying locking your most frequently used apps. Number 7 here

    Tried it last night and performance has remarkably improved for those apps.

    Deactivating animation in developer options helps too. Check if memory optimization is off or set to middle. It’s under developers option too. Mine is set to middle by default and its working better than when I turned it off.

  10. All I want is a rooting app that can root my TecnoC5 hv tried so many rooting aps but none of them work on it… Even kingroot, Framaroot, &KingoRoot.what else can I say.

  11. @Mr Mo, the phantom 5 seems to be doing very well judging from your reviews on it here. Tecno really did a very good job on the phantom 5. The specs of a phone doesn’t determine its performance at times. User reviews are important

  12. Actually, the Xiaomi doesn’t actually compete with Samsung and the likes. Samsung and others are global, Xiaomi is not, and for a reason. The day they raise their head officially in the West I guarantee you major lawsuits will follow.

    Xiaomi has made their money in China and are now branching out to emerging markets.

  13. WOW. This is a tough competition! Xiomi beat phantom is specs but I would really go foor the Phantom 5 because I trust Tecno. Its about qality not quantity.

  14. This has shown that user reviews is needed to judge how smooth and powerful a phone is. The phantom 5 is almost excellent and perfect to me

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