Big Bigger Biggest.. They want it big, and prefer it just that way.. What’s this thing with people and them carrying about a big slab


Perhaps the 6-inch phone is the new ideal size

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Big Bigger Biggest.. They want it big, and prefer it just that way.. What’s this thing with people and them carrying about a big slab or tablet? Is it a personal thing, or more of the Nigerian factor? It is common these days to see people lugging about a big Android device or tablet. Some even go as far as using it to take calls (in public) by placing it to their ears.


tablet-to head

You see, when you start playing with Android devices, you begin to realize that the experience gets better with bigger screens. People graduated from 3.5 inch to 4 inch to 5 inch to 5.5 inch, and now gloat for 6 or 7 inch phones. Note though that the pattern/trend might change from person to person.


Infinix-Note-2-LTE (1)

Even manufacturers have picked this up. You can no longer find good specc-ed phones within the 4 inch range- except maybe the Sony Xperia Z mini series. Infinix upgraded their Note series to the 6-inch Note 2. Even TECNO has their DriodPad phones at 7 inches. The question is: How big is too big? Ever since Infinix launched the Note 2, the few people I know using it have testified of their love for it.


Also following this trend, Xiaomi is rumored to launch a 6.4 inch phone. Would you mind using a phone that huge? Perhaps, the 6-inch phone is the new ideal screen size.

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  2. It’s not even just a Nigerian thing but I would say predominantly West African. A friend is convinced that West African women alone drove the phablet market way before men cottoned on.

    The first person I saw with a 7″ tablet to their head was an Asian guy. Personally I don’t see myself using a 6″ phone, and in my day-to-day travels I rarely see phablets unless it’s in the hands of a big guy or…a black person.

  3. Personally, 6 inches is a no. I still struggle with 5.5 inches, actually. I spent some time with the Lumia 950 XL last week – and the size just didn’t feel right with me. I much prefer the 5.2-inch Lumia 950.

    Give me a capable 5-inch to 5.2-inch smartphone and all is well with the world.

  4. I can cope with a 6-incher. I currently use Infinix Note 2 and so far, it’s not in any way inconveniencing. But I can’t use a tablet… except at home. I hate carrying loads

  5. Surprised Mr. Mo. & Noni doesn’t like a 6incher. I own a Note 2 and as Elroy said, l can also testify of my love for it. It’s not bulky at all even with it’s 4,000 mAh battery. For someone that doesn’t own a tablet (and not planning on another anytime soon either!) maybe you won’t blame me too much. Since I knew of this phone, 3 people close to me have also gone ahead to get theirs – a lady inclusive though she isn’t of a small frame. My previous phone before this was actually the 5″ iPhone 5s and the convenience is poles apart IMO. I don’t see myself going lower than 5.5 on an android ever again, iOS though maybe.

  6. Kayode Kayode Kayode. , I don’t have the handspan of a basketball player, so don’t see the need for a 6″ screen when I’m out and about.

    I want to be able to do things with one hand and not have to worry about whether I’m going to drop the phone balancing on my other fingers. And most importantly, my phone spends a lot of time in my pocket, not a bag. My pockets are not big or strong enough for a phablet and I don’t plan on changing my wardrobe to accommodate one!

  7. Give me the Nexus 6 over and over again and I’ll always love it. Going back to my Asus made 5.5″ look really small.

    Manufacturers are actually making these new phones more compact, I see them fitting a 6″ screen into a 5.5″ body very soon.

  8. Use a 5.7inch Note 4 and it feels so great and compact. Nicely designed. Thin and light. I use it so well with one hand. Love it. I think this is my ideal size

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