Perhaps the 6-inch phone is the new ideal size

Big Bigger Biggest.. They want it big, and prefer it just that way.. What’s this thing with people and them carrying about a big slab or tablet? Is it a personal thing, or more of the Nigerian factor? It is common these days to see people lugging about a big Android device or tablet. Some even go as far as using it to take calls (in public) by placing it to their ears.

tablet-to head

You see, when you start playing with Android devices, you begin to realize that the experience gets better with bigger screens. People graduated from 3.5 inch to 4 inch to 5 inch to 5.5 inch, and now gloat for 6 or 7 inch phones. Note though that the pattern/trend might change from person to person.

Infinix-Note-2-LTE (1)

Even manufacturers have picked this up. You can no longer find good specc-ed phones within the 4 inch range- except maybe the Sony Xperia Z mini series. Infinix upgraded their Note series to the 6-inch Note 2. Even TECNO has their DriodPad phones at 7 inches. The question is: How big is too big? Ever since Infinix launched the Note 2, the few people I know using it have testified of their love for it.

Also following this trend, Xiaomi is rumored to launch a 6.4 inch phone. Would you mind using a phone that huge? Perhaps, the 6-inch phone is the new ideal screen size.

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