Don’t yell. Don’t fume. Relax. With all the recent developments that we have seen, is it such a distasteful idea to suggest that Microsoft will

What if I told you that Microsoft’s Surface Phone will be powered by Android OS?

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Don’t yell. Don’t fume. Relax. With all the recent developments that we have seen, is it such a distasteful idea to suggest that Microsoft will make an Android smartphone? The company’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, has said that they are focused on getting their services available on all platforms. We have seen Microsoft devote more resources to their apps on Android and iOS than on Windows Phone. The new Microsoft is clearly focusing on services rather than on their own smartphone platform.

Surface Phone concept

Yes; it is time for Microsoft to make Android smartphones.

No; not the Nokia X kind of Android smartphone. I am talking about a proper Android OS smartphone. Microsoft can put a custom UI that replicates the look and feel of Windows 10 Mobile on it and place their own services in front of the user. And Android smartphone for Microsoft faithfuls. Why not? Windows Phone lovers get their beloved simple, elegant user interface, the Microsoft services that they love and use, and all the damned apps in the universe that they don’t currently have access to on Windows Phone. And Microsoft can put in one of those damned good PureView cameras for good measure.

Yes; Microsoft should do exactly what BlackBerry has done – capitulate and produce an Android smartphone. The sky will not fall. Hell will not break lose. As a matter of fact, Jesus might just return to usher in eternal peace to mankind. Now that I have your attention, what if I told you that the rumoured Surface Phone will be powered by Android OS – if it is actually in the works? What if I told you that this is exactly what Microsoft is working on now – a phone that looks and feels like Windows 10 Mobile, but is in fact powered by Android OS?

Have you given any thought to the rumours of a Surface Phone being in the works by Microsoft? If the rumours are true, ask yourself, What will Windows 10 Mobile bring to the Surface Phone that will make it different from the current lineup of Windows 10 smartphones? Why bother? But I am betting that Nadella knows that a Surface Phone cannot improve Windows 10 Mobile’s lot at this point. If that Surface Phone is coming, it will be what I have described in this article. Otherwise….


  1. Nope!! … Not android ? using windows mobile is alternative is to android n ios … They shouldn’t go the way of blackberry…infact they wouldn’t dare ?

  2. Because of their succes with the surface tabs I guess they just wanna make a phone similar to it… Maybe a surface tab only but with a smaller screen size

  3. I guess Blackberry experiment was a success. It wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft also tap into this goldmine. Remember, Its all about making money.

  4. yes, but how many Android OEMs are making money? hardware margins are slim. Surface Phone(s) would be high end so healthier margins but still

  5. Actually many Android OEMs are making money,the likes of Xiaomi,Infinix,Huawei and Tecno and Co are doing Ok,just not Apple grade Ok,Blackberry is reporting good sales on the Priv so Microsoft joining the party is not such a bad idea,they can’t obviously do much worse than that..

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