My Windows 8 laptop has been acting up for a while. Let’s leave the details out, but the implication is that I have been thinking

Perhaps what I need is not a new laptop, but a Windows 10 smartphone

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My Windows 8 laptop has been acting up for a while. Let’s leave the details out, but the implication is that I have been thinking of getting it replaced. But I haven’t gotten to actually doing it. After Microsoft’s launch of Windows 10 Mobile, I spent time looking at what it brings to the table, and something stood out like glistening pearls – Continuum. Continuum lets you connect your Lumia 950 or 950 XL to a Display Dock so you can use it with an external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. In essence, Continuum gives you a PC-like experience that’s powered by your phone.


Brilliant concept.

I haven’t had a go at it, and not many people have, but GSMArena had this to say after seeing a demonstration:

We saw the Lumia 950 doing Continuum at the presentation and once again – the demo was nothing short of impressive. A phone that delivers desktop-great experience once hooked up to a monitor is something you can’t find anywhere else to date.

Now, you can understand why this adventurous mobile enthusisast is asking himself if he really needs a replacement laptop. Perhaps all I need is a Lumia 950 XL, the display dock, a screen, keyboard and mouse and my needs are met. Just perhaps.

I certainly will give this a try before splurging on a laptop. What have I got to lose, really?


  1. I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time.
    Most people only browse and type word documents on there Laptops .

    For this to go mainstream we will need a $70 Lapdock and Continuum needs to come to midrange n low end Phones.

  2. Noni if you are not gonna be Editing Videos, using technical Apps like AutoCAD and Photoshoping huge files on you Laptop, You probably need a bigger screen for your phone. Because your phone can do the rest.

    Think about managing Windows a Full OS , think about not moving files around , Longer battery life . Think about regular people that just want that device to work.

  3. And which power will all these attached apps be using. If they are electricity dependent then its not going to that interesting and if it suck its power from the device, i doubt if the phone battery will survive 90 minutes.

  4. you mean the peripherals, they don’t draw power from the phone. has to be said that Continuum is still not a finished product, don’t see it replacing your PC anytime soon

  5. In theory it’s a great concept but I wonder on the practicality of the whole idea especially in a third world country like ours,the issue of power and affordability of the whole components will be a great factor in its success..

  6. I dont think the concept is actually meant to replace your laptop experience anyway. Continuum will do its part, dedicated laptop will do its part.

    To me, If continuum were to replace the proper laptop experience, Microsoft wouldn’t have launched the surface book alongside the ”continuum” devices

  7. Windows devices and peripherals have always been affordable. Their lumia range of phones and desktop components are way affordable for what they bring to the table. So I dont have any fear about affordability.

    The surface book commands a staggering price though. You gotta be really dedicated to splash on that device.

  8. You’re looking for the likes of a 950XL and docking station to be low-mid range ie “affordable? Not going to happen.

    Tablets and docking stations exist for those things you want to do in the absence of a laptop, so what’s the point of doing it on a low end device and docking station?

    And when you’re limiting the use of a laptop to AutoCAD and video editing, you’re really missing the variety of things you can do in a laptop apart from apart from word processing and spreadsheets.

  9. That laptop is more expensive than the macbook pro. I doubt they will win over macbook lovers, even doubters with that price.

  10. Continuum might not be a finished or perfect product but with what microsoft is presenting, its definitely worth the shot and microsoft is trying to make life easier!
    Just think about it. Some people carry mobile phone, tablet, laptop around and even chargers for all these devices travel with them and this doesnt necessarily increase productivity. It just aids scattered files on different devices and tedious job maintaining sanity on a daily basis.
    Just imagine having all files on just one device and just put ur continuum docking device in your car to be handy wherever you go. I foresee less stress if this continuum doesn’t live short of expectations in real life usage.

  11. And I don’t that will be as light weighted as he thinks. It sure would be up to 500grams

  12. Basically you just have to carry the main dock around. Wherever you get to, there is a 70% chance you’ll get a monitor, keyboard and mouse there lying around with no one using.

  13. And if you dont, then the place isn’t worth the presentation you’re about to give. 🙂

    Just do everything on your 5.7″ device and move on.

    I may be a gadget lover but portability and easy travels… that’s bliss!

  14. Apple didn’t stop making the iPod Touch when they started making iPhones though. your replacement doesn’t always come after you leave the scene

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