I ran into a news item that narrated how one of Peter Okoye’s fans (supposedly) called him an empty head for making a grammatical error.

Personally: Empty heads, air heads, and block heads

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I ran into a news item that narrated how one of Peter Okoye’s fans (supposedly) called him an empty head for making a grammatical error. Peter had tweeted at a kcee, “Personally welcome u on bored”, Apparently, the singer meant to say, “Personally welcome u on board” The supposed fan tweeted this at Peter:

*bored*!!!! Smh! Empty head!

Peter simply blocked the person and followed up with this:

Peter gets my 5 stars for his response.

I do not care how grammatically poor a person is. It gives no-one the right to insult them. I am not making an excuse for poor English, but we are all not superb at everything we do. The appropriate thing was to have pointed out to Peter the correction to what he said wrong. How hard is it to say, “Hi! You meant board, instead of bored.” Simple. Polite. Inoffensive.

There is a lot of tomfoolery going on all over the place with people thinking taking freedom of expression as a liberty to be rude and inconsiderate. Of course, social media has amplified a lot of bad social behaviour. I see this rudeness every day on Twitter and on Facebook. Someone commits a grammatical blunder? Insult them! Someone disagrees with you? Insult them! Someone belongs to a political party you do not like? Insult them! No; but that won’t do. Such behaviour is unacceptable. Abuse is abuse, regardless of who it is dished out to. Public figures are humans like the rest of us and do not deserve to be subjected to abuse. I have watched with dismay as people get insulted and demeaned this way. No-one should be treated wrong like this. No-one. Being insulting is just bad behaviour and should be discouraged.

Yes; I think that the supposed “fan” is an air head and deserves to have his head blocked. No-one should suffer fools gladly. Not even public figures. Correcting someone is good. But insulting them? The block button was invented for situations like that. Calling someone an empty head for committing a grammatical error is not correction. Pointing out what they said wrong is correction. If someone was rude to me that way, Personally… *singing and dancing away*



  1. What’s the difference between an empty head, a block head and an air head, sef?

    Magnanimity is a part requirememt of being a celebrity.

    Must Peter take that insult so Pasonally?

    Someone calling your a block head does not make you one.

    It’s just his opinion, and opinions are cheap commodities

    One would think a public figure would have outgrown such frailties of being offended by comments by an unknown entity online?

  2. By the way, I know an ordinarily wonderfully articulate individual that constantly substitutes word the way bored and board were juxtaposed here.

    Substitution of homonyms.

    gone… Gun
    Leap.. Lip


    I understand it could be an indication of a medical condition, if it is persistent .

    Agraphia, I think..

  3. Thing is, social networks like Twitter make it easy for people to make any comment and not think of the consequences. Which is why Twitter continues to be the place where you can throw around insults and threats and EVENTUALLY something will be done.

    The other thing is that, once you become a public figure, you can also be subject to ridicule and scorn. It’s par for the course. Doesn’t make it right but you at least need to be a bit thick skinned.

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