This is no joke. It is as real as the hair on my head. A phone exists with 6 camera lenses. I hereby present to

This phone has 6 cameras!! Hands on and first impressions

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This is no joke. It is as real as the hair on my head. A phone exists with 6 camera lenses. I hereby present to you the Amazon Fire Phone. Again, courtesy of Mr Gbenro, I also had the chance to play with this device. This kind of device is rare in these parts, and you may wonder, “Why 6 camera lenses?” Read on.

Amazon Fire Phone - front

Walk-through: Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone has a 4.7 inch display that is covered in Gorilla Glass 3 front and back. The one at the back is very glossy and could get sticky when held with sweaty hands. The left hand side of this phone is blank, while on the right hand side, a quick access button, volume rockers and SIM tray are all lumped together.

Amazon Fire Phone - side

At the top, you see the power button, speaker and 3.5 mm earphone jack. The bottom side carries a second pair of the stereo speakers and the USB v2.0 charging port. The Amazon Fire Phone runs Android based Amazon Fire OS v3.5, upgraded to v4.6.6.1. Mr Gbenro said he tried to install Android apps on the phone. They initially worked, but they later gave so many issues. So, he uninstalled them all.

Amazon Fire Phone - top-bottom

The Cameras

Now, let us have a look at the cameras. I’ll explain the purposes they serve. At the back is the rear camera with an LED flash. Moving to the front, there’s a selfie camera for taking selfies. You find 4 camera lenses at each of the four corners of the phone. They track your eyes. The elements in the screen tilt as you turn your eyes, and the technology is called 3D Dynamic Perspective UI.


This phone is nice and weird, but there’s a reason you won’t find it in this part of the world. The phone was sold exclusively on AT&T network. That aside, it feels good to come across weird phones every now and then. See more photos for your viewing pleasure.



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