I am betting that almost everyone is familiar with a scenario in which someone picks up their phone and dives into their private affairs, messages

Phone Etiquette: Handling Others' Devices

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I am betting that almost everyone is familiar with a scenario in which someone picks up their phone and dives into their private affairs, messages especially. In some cases, pictures, videos and notes are not spared. This stems from the primal human desire for gossip. I won’t dignify the act by calling it curiosity. I know people who will come into your home, and would dive into your wallet at first chance. They are totally without shame.

I think that it is disgusting. What anyone has on their phone – especially in their messages – is their business, and unless one is invited to have a look, one should never go there. What would one be looking for? Lost keys?

When you have access to someone else’s phone, do you go reading their messages and digging into other personal stuff? Also, how do you make sure that people don’t violate your privacy when you hand them your phone?

  1. Most of the time, I’m not so much concerned about people going through my messages, but email sometime, yes. I’m rather more concerned about people who are not versed with smartphones and the damage they can do by pressing the wrong button deleting something, sending a call inadvertently or something in that line. The only time I’m very cautious is of the person involved is a stranger or one with some bad reputations.

    I’m normally not r eager to delve into people’s messages and mails if and when I get to handle their phones for whatever reasons. I just am not interested in those kind of things, I normally concern myself with the actual reason for wanting examine the phone which maybe either to try solving a problem or check out things work on the phone or maybe still the physical built of the phone.

  2. Simple – if you value your privacy so much, don’t let anyone touch your phone. Pin lock it even, that way no one has an excuse to go through it.

    And if you give it to them to make a call and walk away leaving them with it – you’re on your own.

  3. as a techie I handle a lot of phones, and i’m amused when people ask me not to go through their messages. I almost never go through other people’s messages or call records. usually i’m checking out their app collections and media library. I usually don’t keep sensitive messages on my phone, because people snoop. however i’m concerned with people fiddling with my settings, so like eye_bee_kay I use App Protector

  4. As a matter of principle, I would not handle your mobile device unless you specifically give it to me to help out with something or probably I am yet to handle the device so I want a hands on experience. I don’t view their private stuff.

    That said, though I have no skeletons to hide in my mobile devices, it however contains sensitive information which third parties are not allowed to view to I block access to such data.

    Makes my life and work easy.

  5. Whenever I pick someone else’s phone, I check the apps, the specs and the pictures…daz all.

    I respect people’s privacy. Moreover, I wouldn’t want to see what my eyes shouldn’t see. The best way to avoid that is “abstenance” from delving into people’s privacy.

    “Gbeborun” is the person who picks up someone else’s phone and checks the messages/mails on the phone. Wetin lost wey you dey find? You be detective?

  6. when someone gives me his/her phone. Am likely going to play game on it. Message? Who get the time….? Deff not me.

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