Why would a manufacturer ditch Android OS for Sailfish OS?

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Remember the Turing phone. Late last year, It was slated to be an unhackable, unbreakable, waterproof Android device. Its owners hyped it as the most secure Android phone, and it was expected to feature end-to-end encryption for core apps on the phone. This device was also slated to run Android 5.1 Lollipop, see the full specs HERE. Makers of the Turing phone have dealt us a shocker.


As reported by Android Authority, the company is switching to Sailfish OS. You’re shocked right? Same here. Why would a phone manufacturer abandon Android for something else? Sailfish. Seriously, who does that?

The more funny or weird part is how they defended their action. See some excerpts of the announcement:

…Sailfish OS is now running perfectly on the Turing Phone and we have started the final OS software testing phase.

Sailfish OS runs exceptionally fast on the Turing. You will not have to worry about performance issues with Turing’s Snapdragon 801 because Sailfish OS has been optimized to run fast on your Turing Phone. The Turing Phone will still be able to run Android Apps on the Sailfish OS without issue. An Android application store will be available for you to download your favorite apps.

…This essentially means you have one of the world’s fastest mobile device running the fastest mobile OS with the capability of running your favorite apps in a secure environment.

Fastest OS I hear!! 😆 I’ve thought maybe it is because of the recent security issues on Android, but then, there might be more to this than we think. It would be interesting to see how this pans out for them. The phone is set to ship by April this year.


  1. Says they support Android apps…… maybe its not such a crazy idea after all, depending on how well Android apps run. Won’t hold my breath on that though

  2. Let’s see how it turns out. I share your thoughts though, there could be something they’re not telling.

  3. It definitely has to be reports on Android’s security vulnerabilities. No need for them being coy

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