Phone prices have gone through the roof : Check this out!!

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Late last year, the value of the Nigerian Naira against the dollar was devalued. This directly affected the prices of various commodities – phones especially. We at MobilityArena predicted that prices of phones would escalate, and it already manifesting.

A quick look at the Innjoo page on Jumia  shows some very incredible price hikes on phones. See screen shots below:


The Innjoo Halo is now priced at N21,260 while the Innjoo Fire Plus is now priced at N41,400. Formerly these phones were priced at N14,000 and N27,600 respectively. Incredible !! :mrgreen: See proof HERE.

Fire Plus

Even the likes of Infinix have slightly increased the price of their phones too. Suddenly, now is such a wrong time to buy a phone. Especially, those that like playing the waiting game. Kpele. 😛



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  1. Same with the Blackberry 10 line of phones…imagine the Hot 2 I copped at 17k is now 22k ?!

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