The MobilityNigeria team are auctioning off two devices, a Samsung S8003 Jet and an LG GW550. Both phones are in excellent conditionand have no functional

Phones Auction and Sale – Samsung Jet and LG GW550 [Closed]

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The MobilityNigeria team are auctioning off two devices, a Samsung S8003 Jet and an LG GW550. Both phones are in excellent conditionand have no functional defects. Sales packages intact.
gw550 jet1
Current market prices are N51,400 for the Jet and N45,000 for the GW550.

Initial bid price for the Samsung Jet is N30,000 and LG GW550 is N40,000..

You can submit your bid by posting in the comments section. Please include your GSM number, so that we can contact you if necesarry.

The highest bid for each device wins. If there is only one bidder on a device, that individual wins.

Bidding is open to individuals based anywhere within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Preferred bidders must pay for and collect the specific phone from our office in Ojodu (not Ogudu), Lagos within 48 hours of announcement of a winner.

Alternatively, a successful bidder resident outside Lagos can pay by bank deposit into a designated bank account and also arrange for the phone to be sent to him by courier at his own cost and bearing all risks associated with delivery.

If a preferred bidder fails to meet the deadline, the next highest bidder will be contacted to pick up the particular phone.

The bidding is now on.


  1. Supposing one does not stay in Lagos, Can One not bid? And could one not make arrangement to courier the bought phone to one’s Address after payment to a specified account owned by you or any person in charge of Auctioning the Phone?!

    You see I am indignated. I live in Delta State. And I am a loyal follower of Mobilitynigeria. I feel cheated that this auction could be restricted to only viewers in Lagos while MobilityNigeria is viewed by all Nigerians.

    Please change this obnoxious policy. If someone buys these phones or is successful in the auctioning process, I feel the phone should be sent to him at the person’s own cost, if he so wills!

  2. Afewgoodmen,

    We apologise if it read like we were excluding non-Lagos residents. The idea was to let people – whether in Lagos or not – know that we would not be responsible for delivering to them should they win the bid.

    We have now editted the bid offer to reflect that arrangements can be made for delivery by courier at the winner’s cost and risk.

    Please feel free to bid. Thanks for raising the issue.

  3. Rotimi,

    Thanks. Your bid has been received. We edited out your GSM number for privacy reasons.

    Anyone else bidding for the Samsung Jet?

  4. We have offered the Samsung Jet to Olurotimi Lawal for N32,000. Others can continue to submit their bid on the same item, such that if he does not pick it up with the stipulated time, they are next in line.

    Thank you.

  5. I have to wait to the end of the month before bidding. That is If the Samsung jet is still available by then!

  6. The Samsung Jet has been paid for today by Mr. Olurotimi Lawal. Incidentally, he is presently located in Benin and is having the device shipped to Osun State for him!

    The LG GW550 is still available. Any takers?

  7. Mr. Lawal,

    Your package is on the way. The guys at EMS Speedpost say it will get to you today tomorrow.

  8. I want to use this opportunity to thank u at MobilityNigeria. u guys are wonderful. am enjoying my Jet. more review later, i got it in good health. no more anxiety. later

  9. Delighted you got the jet. Should I say I envy you? An understatement. Please enjoy your jet. I have had a previous hands-on experience. It is a fabulous phone.

  10. The samsung jet is a wonderful i am begining to enjoy, the browser is wonderful,i need to say i enjoy youtube like never before. this is my first time of using a smartphone and am loving every bit of it. but the downside is that it doesnt come with a cd. am some how limited

  11. Mr yomi, is it possoble for me to get document editor on my Jet. or any idea how to get it. thanks

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