Insights: the phones Nigerians searched for most in 2016

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We went through Google’s 2016 trends reports and fished out the most searched phones by Nigerians in 2016. And it is an interesting list we came up with, perhaps with useful insights too.

Nigerians are passionate about their mobile phones and it has been an exciting years with brands rolling out line-ups.

Nigerians are apparently binging on Infinix Mobility and TECNO Mobile this year. We are looking at four Infinix Mobility devices, four TECNO Mobile devices, one Apple device, and one Samsung device.

Let’s jump into the list and have a look at the details.

The phones Nigerians searched for most in 2016?

nigeria face - phones Nigerians searched for most in 2016

  1. iPhone 7 / specifications
  2. Infinix Note 3 / specifications
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 / specifications
  4. TECNO Camon C9 / specifications
  5. Infinix Hot 4 / specifications
  6. TECNO Boom J8 / specifications
  7. Infinix Hot 2 / specifications
  8. Infinix Zero 3 / specifications
  9. TECNO W4 / specifications
  10. TECNO W3 / specifications


It is interesting to note that the Infinix and TECNO phones searched for the most are budget to mid-range smartphones. On the other hand, the iPhone and Samsung are flagships – premium devices. What can you deduce from these? Hopefully, with the great jobs that Infinix and TECNO did with the Zero 4 Plus (see our review) and Phantom 6 Plus, we shall see more Nigerians look in those directions in 2017 for their flagship fixes.

We can attest to how hot the Infinix Note 3 and TECNO Boom J8 have been this year. Nigerians couldn’t get enough of those two devices. The Note 3 was crowned Mobility Arena’s battery life champ. Check out our Infinix Note 3 review and TECNO Boom J8 review.

It is amazing that Infinix’s 2015 flagship, the Zero 3, got a lot of attention from Nigerians. Again, that’s sure hope for the Zero 4 Plus next year. The Hot 2 is a 2015 smartphone too and lived up to its name in 2016. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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  1. It obvious that Samsung and Iphone will always be the among most searched Smartphones in different regions. Although this two phones topped the list of most searched smartphones in Nigeria, Tecno, infinix and Gionee enjoy the lion share of Smartphone sales in Nigeria.

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