The N900 comes with photo-editing capabilities. It is nothing like a full-fledged PC application, but it at least makes it possible to modify images taken

Photo Editing on the Nokia N900

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Screenshot 20100612 200055The N900 comes with photo-editing capabilities. It is nothing like a full-fledged PC application, but it at least makes it possible to modify images taken by the device. Features include:

  • Resizing
  • Red-Eye Removal
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Flip Horizontally or Vertically

Here are shots from my Facebook gallery:

“Demonstrates the built-in photo editing features on the Nokia N900”

From N900 Photo Editing, posted by Yomi Adegboye on 6/12/2010 (6 items)

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  1. Impressive.
    But is there any photo editing that N900 can do that cannot be done by Nokia 5800? All that Yomi has shown us here can be handled by my 5800.

  2. companies that manufacture {digital} cameras as their {sole} line of business had better put on their competitive digital thinking caps.
    the 12 Megapixel Carl zeiss cameras are here.

    polaroid, canon, wake up……

  3. @Yomi

    So far as I know, the N900 offers nothing extra over and above the 5800 in terms of photo-editing.

    How about showing us samples of N900’s video editing. Am sure the phone will really shine there.

  4. deoladoctor,

    Surprise, surprise! The N900 does not come with video editing capabilities built-in. No kidding.

    Now breathe, breathe, breathe… 🙂

  5. Nokia 6120 that I once had can perform all the editing functions as your almighty N900.
    The difference might be in their respective megapixels (2.0 against 5.0)

  6. @Yomi

    What a pity.

    For such a “mobile computer” you’ll expect nothing but excellence in the multimedia arena.

  7. deoladoctor,

    Actually there is no pity. The N900 has excellent multi-media capabilities. Still shots and video recordings are better than on all mobile devices that I have ever used – and most smartphones in the market today.

    I know that there are those who will want photo and video editing, its not a big need. For example, apart from the reviews I did, I never needed photo and image editing on the Samsung Jet. The N900 produces better shots and clips than the Jet, and I still haven’t needed to edit either.

  8. @Deoladoctor. The New iphone 4 phone can do video editing from the box with imovie from Apple. At least that was one of the touted features! Does it then make it a more of a multi-media monster when compared with the Nokia N900?

  9. @Deoladoctor and Yomi. If there are third party movie editor for the Nokia N900, then the wrong of not having an out-of-the-box video editor is corrected. I hope one of my Dream phones wannabe; the Nokia N8 will have an inbuilt video editor ab initio. There is nothing better than a factory fitted AC in a new car, so I think the same goes for a video editor. The N8 has to have a video editor to help it compete realistically with the iphone 4 and Motorola Milestone mobile phones. I hope I make that right choice when it is time to decide!

  10. @Yomi
    I tend to agree with you to some extent. The video editors in mobile phones are at best rudimentry and almost useless aside from the satisfaction derived from knowing you have one on your phone. You want to do real video editing, you know where to go and what apps to use.

    @Bayoabu & Afewgoodmen
    Hmmm.. iPhone againn….
    Nice to have the feature on the new iphone. At least, it shows Steve Jobs, in spite of his usual arrogance, is listening to the wants of his fans. This device is putting on more muscles for the mobile phones heaviweight title fight. But i still bet my stethoscope on the coming Nokia N8.

  11. @ Deoladoctor. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Let us wait till the N8 comes out. We already know that the iphone 4 will be out on the 24th June. Then and there I would make my choice. Not before then. Otherwise maybe I will go home with your stethoscope!

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