Photo Editor: An all-round image editor for Windows Phone OS

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Photo Editor WP overview

My search for one single app to take care of all my image editing needs on Windows Phone OS has finally come to an end. The problem was not that there have been no image editors on the platform, but that almost all of them leave out one feature or the other. Most of them leave out image resizing, something that I find essential. To compensate, I have had to combine two different apps – Fotor and Shrinkit – to meet all my needs. Now, I can ditch both of them, thanks to Photo Editor by Tap Plex.

Photo Editor offers:

  1. cropping to different ratios
  2. re-sizing, including the ability to maintain aspect ratio
  3. adding text
  4. sharpening
  5. adjusting brightness
  6. adjusting hue and saturation
  7. apply effects, including blurring, and inverting colours
  8. adjusting contrast
  9. changing orientation, including rotating and flipping

In other words, Photo Editor provides everything I need for image editing on mobile. I took it for a quick spin today, and it is a no-frills, easy-to-use app. The app is free and ad-supported. It does not offer red-eye removal like some other apps do, but then most of those others have never succeeded in actually removing any red-eyes in all my time of using them.

Photo Editor WP editing

Photo Editor is available for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones.

Download Photo Editor to your Windows Phone smartphone.


  1. Funny, few days ago after reading your review of Fotor and Shrinkit I deleted Photo Editor and a host of others to get Fotor and Shrinkit.
    One thing I particularly needed above others was collage and Fotor provides it effortlessly. I’m sticking with it joor.

  2. Nice one gonna check it out , and I hate that idea of having two apps for one function.

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