Which of these two Android smartphones copied the iPhone 5s better?

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That Apple’s iPhone has been a runaway success is no longer news. That successful products often inspire a lot of copy work is also not in doubt. We got our hands on two smartphones from two different brands whose physical design bear an uncanny level of inspiration by the iPhone 5s. As a matter of fact, using the word “inspiration” is putting it mildly. Everything about these smartphones scream “iPhone”! Yet they are both thoroughbred Android-powered devices. Enjoy the gallery!






Were you able to come up with the names of the two phones? One is from Xiaomi and the other from Innjoo. Oh; and another question: Which of the two pulled off the copy job better?


  1. Neither looks like an iPhone.

    The Innjoo looks more like the SGS6 than the iPhone 6 and up, especially around the edges. The only thing on it that reminds me of the iPhone is the rear camera location.

    The Xiaomi Mi 4 has done a pretty decent job of replicating the iPhone 5, from the trim around the sides, the shape, and the front where the front facing camera is.

    Pity you didn’t have either an iPhone 5 or 6 to do a like-for-like comparison.

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