Photo: Have a look at Femi Otedola’s smartphones

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Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, needs no introduction in most circles. We ran into a photo showing him at a function with two phones on the table in front of him.

You should have a look and tell us how surprised you are. Thise look like a Nokia 6230 (Nokia Series 40 Platform) and Nokia E50 (Symbian OS). We are unable to be 100% certain, as the photo isnt too detailed, but our guesses are as close as any can be.

Interesting choice of phones for a billionaire. Your comments.


  1. Does he do anything more than calls and sms? Because for me I don’t see any reason of carry devices you won’t make adequate use of.
    Our so called ‘big men’ that use big phones most times carry them about as a status symbol and not for functionality.

  2. my thoughts exactly. I don’t expect a billionaire to do any business on his phone

  3. Security may be another big reason. Lets admit it , Our generation of smartphones are not 100% safe

  4. Mr Mo , Edit the title. Those phones on the table are Mobilephones. Not “Smartphones”.

    There’s nothing “Smart” about them.

  5. Not smartphone. They are dumb phones that create billions of dollars and would not fail due to the numerous number of calls or security wise.

    The PA of this man would be using an Iphone 6 , HTC M9 and a blackberry passport with Samsung galaxy s6 as backup device

  6. There are employees who use the kind of cars, phones, etc, that their employer (who pays their salary) would never decode to afford.

    A brother of mine had tenants who had DSTV when he decided not to afford one yet, years back. andsone of those tenants had to be chased to pay their rent on time!

    What kind of cars would a Warren Buffet use ?

    …The millionaire next door…

    A book that discusses this issue of [big hat, no cattle] mentality… comprehensively …

    Yes, Tue empty druls ake the.loudest noise

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