Pictures or it didn’t happen. The phrase is quite familiar to most of us. Whether you’re a professional photographer or recently attended an event that

Never Lose a Photo with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Pictures or it didn’t happen. The phrase is quite familiar to most of us. Whether you’re a professional photographer or recently attended an event that you wished you could share with your friends, losing your photos leads to both shock and disappointment. Have you recently lost your photos as a result of a system failure, a corrupted drive or a virus attack? You can now breathe a sigh of relief. Presenting EaseUS, the data recovery software that not only enables you to recover your photos but can also help you get back the rest of your data. This free data recovery software works for both fixed and removable storage drives.

Are you afraid because your photos are on a device you think is inaccessible? Put your worries aside first and put this super software to the test. EaseUS can recover photos and other data from a wide range of devices. As long as the device’s hardware has not been damaged, then there is hope for recovery. EaseUS can be used to recover photos from your iPad, iPod, hard drive and even directly from your camera. This photo recovery software can even recover your images from a pen drive.

To access your photographs, you need to install the data recovery software on a computer. Fortunately, EaseUS can be used on a diverse range of operating systems. It can be used on any Windows version from Windows XP. It can also be installed on Mac devices. Do you have a server version of Windows? No need to worry, EaseUS works on server versions 2008, 2003, 2012 and 2016.

Installing EaseUS on your computer

Perhaps one of the best parts about this photo recovery software is the fact that you do not need a lot of technical knowledge to retrieve your photos from your device regardless of its damage. Once you download the software for free, simply opening the application will launch an installation wizard. From there, all you need to do is click ‘Next’ and agree to the instructions for the use of this software. The installation process will then automatically begin. The application will automatically launch once the program has successfully been installed.

For the software to work on your computer, there are a few low specifications your machine has to have met. They include:

  • A minimum storage space of 32 MB
  • A minimum RAM of 128MB. This is what the computer will use to process your photo recovery

Finally getting your photos back with EaseUS

Once the program has been installed, it will automatically launch. When it is open, go to the ‘Home’ tab. Here, you will be able to choose between the various options for the type of file you want to recover. Select pictures. Other options such as videos and documents are also available.

You can then perform a scan for the file type you have selected. A quick scan takes a short time. Your other option, a deep scan, takes a longer duration to be completed. However, it finds 100 times more files than the quick scan. Amazing, right?

EaseUS photo recovery

Once either scan is complete, you can select the different photos you want to recover and choose to restore them. With that done, you can save the photos to a safer location such as a hard drive or cloud storage.

Recover your photos today with EaseUS, the free data recovery software.

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