Three generations of Innjoo smartphones – in photos

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Innjoo recently launched their newest flagship, the Innjoo 2 (specifications). It is the upgrade to the Innjoo One (specifications | review). If you recall, Innjoo’s first smartphone was the i1s (specifications | review). Incidentally, we still have access to all three, so here’s a gallery of photos with all three generations of Innjoo smartphones side-by-side.

In the first two shots below, the Innjoo i1s is at the bottom, in the middle is the Innjoo One, and at the top is the Innjoo 2:

You can see the worn edges of the i1s. That phone has weathered storms and without any loss of functionality. It has been in use by Boy Mo for about a year now after its tour of duty here at Mobility Towers.

Up next, in the next two photos, L-R: Innjoo 2, Innjoo One, Innjoo i1s:

Designwise, the Innjoo One is easily my favourite. That doesn’t mean that its successor, the Innjoo 2, is badly designed. Actually, it is a really well designed phone and I am having a swell time reviewing it at the moment. It is just a question of preference for me. Elroy had a couple of nerdgasms over its iPhonesque design.

Do expect our full review of the Innjoo 2 soon.


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