Photo: The First & Last Communicators: Nokia 9000 & E7

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Communicators - 9000 - E7

This photo from Wikipedia captures years of memories with the Nokia Communicator series. The Nokia 9000 was the very first communicator. It ran an operating system called GEOS, had a “whopping” 8 MB of internal memory (LOL). The Communicator line-up later saw the use of Symbian OS. The Nokia E7, which was the last Communicator till date, had 16GB of internal memory and in evolving with the times, a touchscreen. Its form factor was a new shift in the communicator design.

By the way, the 9000 weighed 397g compared to the E7’s 176g.

Communicators were transformer-style phones that looked like regular phones while closed, but opened up like laptops to reveal a full hardware QWERTY keyboard and a large display. I owned four devices from the range – 9210i, 9500, E90, and E7 – and they were my most productive mobile devices ever. Getting work done and typing on those keyboards was second to none. Sadly, communicators went away with the death of Symbian OS.

Will we ever see another communicator? I sure would love to see a next generation communicator. Did you own any communicator?

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