[Photo] What smartphone is this?

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Gionee Elife E6

I fell in love with this smartphone the very first time I saw it. It looks like a stunning piece of work, a work of art to be beheld and be held and caressed. Actually, it almost looks like the design is a rip-off of Apple’s iPhone. Think of a droid in an iShell. Yes; it runs Android. Or at least a fork of Android – and has a 1.5GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. I’m letting on too much. I need to shut up.

I know what phone it is, and I am looking to get my mobile-grubby hands on a unit for review here on MOBILITY. The question is, “Do you know what phone it is?”


  1. Mr. Mo, you supplied the name of the phone and pretend to hide it from us. You called it Gionee Elife E61 or could it be different after all? That phone is really beautiful and resembles Apple iPhone truly only bigger, maybe and of course wouldn’t be made of the same material. I hope they price it competitively or at least around the same price they sell it in Asia.

    Waiting for the review.

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