AKA Phone 6 Plus users: the first smartphone benders Lots of people may think that uber thinness is cool, and perhaps they are right. But

Photo: You buy an iPhone 6 Plus only for it to bend like this?

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AKA Phone 6 Plus users: the first smartphone benders

Lots of people may think that uber thinness is cool, and perhaps they are right. But like everything subject to the laws of physics, there are bending and breaking points. This is especially pertinent if the thin device is also rather large. Yes; like the new iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch display and is 7.1 mm thin.

A number of the iPhone 6 Plus owners are complaining that their devices have become slightly bent, mere days after buying them. Laka this:
iPhone 6 Plus bent
That is bad juju. I would hate to spend that kind of money on a smartphone and then have it bend. Are iPhone users the first smartphone benders? Who knows? They might be holding the phones wrong though.


  1. Mr Mo is throwing shades Lol! I can’t help but laugh and wish them the very best in life. ????????????

  2. But Like Everything Subject To The Laws Of Physics, There Are Bending And Breaking Points. This Is Especially Pertinent If The Thin Device Is Also Rather Large. Yes; Like The New Iphone 6 Plus, Which Has A 5.5-inch Display And Is 7.1 Mm Thin.

    Na; I Don’t Think This Is About Physics. I Think Its All About Crass Capitalism.

    When You Build A Phone For $200,Then Turn Around To Sell To Docile Isheep At Close To A Thousand Dollars, Something Must Bend, And Break.

    There Are Phones Like The Gionee Elife That Are Thinner At Close To 5mm, Without Going Into Contortions.

    Sure, Apple Scrimped On Quality, To Maximize Profit.

    But Then, When You Are Blessed With Subservient Customers, You Can Get Away
    With Anything, Including Bending And Twisting Phones And Brains.Out Of Their Pivots.


  3. The joke is indeed on Apple. Once it was ‘Antenna gate’; now it’s ‘Bend gate’ news all over blogosphere. Shame.

    So, this is the same so-called ‘premium’ ‘well-designed’ ‘sleek’ ‘best smartphone ever’ that some 10 million folks slept overnight, lined up for, shoved and fought, and rushed to buy during the launch weekend?

    Apple, like its fans, have always preferred ‘fancy’ to ‘functionality’ when it comes to phone build.
    Others like Samsung, Nokia and etc focus on ‘functionality’ over ‘fancy’, which makes plastic more durable yet they are mocked for ‘cheap plastic’.

    Now, see how ‘premium aluminum’ iPhone dey dance bend bend, apology to Fela.

    Many real complaints have cropped up about the new iPhone 6 duo despite all the hype of being ‘stunning’ and sold-out. Unsightly protruding camera lens, ugly rubber strips running across the back, too slippery to hold without a case, buggy and crashing iOS 8 software and now bend-bend gymnastics.

    Yet, online retailers like Konga, Jumia, etc are selling the new iPhone 6 in Nigeria now for between N210,000 and N249,000, depending on storage. Jeeezuz.

    And, with all those defects identified so far, some Nigerians would still join the blind rush to buy these new shiny overpriced toys?!

  4. “When You Build A Phone For $200, Then Turn Around …” They built with just $200? How do you know that, please?

  5. My gionee Elife S5.5 is 5′ and just 5.5mm thin. It cost less than quarter the price of the 6plus and It don’t bend none. Thousands of naira and my Iphone 6 plus should bend afterwards? Ha! It’s only heaven that would save Tim Cook by the time I’m through introducing his backside to a stick. See nonsense.

  6. I wonder why we’re so concerned how others spend their hard earned money. Is it your money? This is the problem with Boko Haram, they’re are concerned over others religious practices. Same thing here, peeps annoyed others are spending a lot on a phone that bends. What’s your problem with that? I’ve also noticed that Moverick only writes anti-Apple articles, he’s never objective and impartial. That’s why I like Sanusi on Techsuplex, the dude doesn’t have a favorite and he tells you what it is. I guess Moverick enjoys hating on the company. I actually enjoy the articless of others here. Let’s please understand that these are just phones not a life competition.

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