Photos: This is the 2016 Volkswagen Passat

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The 2016 Volkswagen Passat is a vehicle that attempts to re-establish the Germanic quality we’re used to. It comes with an updated exterior, tweaked interior, and new infotainment system. This one is spacious comapred to the previous model, and has a new look hood. Enjoy these photos:

The front view.
2016-Volkswagen-Passat (1)

The back view.
2016-Volkswagen-Passat (5)

The side.
2016-Volkswagen-Passat (4)
The interior.
2016-Volkswagen-Passat (2)

More reason to drool 😛

2016-Volkswagen-Passat (3)

The car has more aggressive headlights, and the taillights have a more angular design.There’s support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This vehicle is a front wheel drive and the prices starts at USD23,260. What do you think?


  1. Cool car.

    The Germans engineer some real machines. Hope they pull out of their current emission woes..

  2. The Car looks decidedly peculiar in design,one thing’s for sure,you won’t forget having seen this one before..

  3. Kinda look beautiful. They should have done something about the price if they plan on carving out more market share especially from the likes of Toyota

  4. *walks away shaking head* Volkswagen! Volkswagen!! Volkswagen!!! How many times did i call u, #okbye

  5. For a german car, that price is fantastic? Do you know what a camry will cost you????

    Mind you, that’s just the starting price. Im sure it goes up real fast depending on options.

  6. The 2015 Honda exterior looks better than this though.

    Ride quality may be a different thing but design, honda looks better than most offerings out there

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