Photos: 360° with the 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible

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Small cars can be so cute sometimes, and the 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible is not an exception. This ride comes with engine upgrade to it’s predecessor – The Cooper S. It also has a better souped up design. Taking just 8.2 seconds to hit 60 mph, here are some photos of this ride. Enjoy!!

2016-Mini-Cooper (1)
The front view
2016-Mini-Cooper (5)
The back side
2016-Mini-Cooper (4)
The internals

2016-Mini-Cooper (3)

2016-Mini-Cooper (2)

This ride can go for as much as $27,000. What do you think?


  1. How can a tiny car like this cost $27k dollars?

    This tiny car always reminds me of that film, The Italian Job

  2. Someone I used to work with put me off of the Mini Cooper. She had one as her first car and explained how expensive it was to run or simply change a tyre.

    Nice to look at, I would rent one for a day but I’d rather stick to Hyundai or Mazda or some else more reliable.

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