Photo Gallery of the beautiful OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 was announced by AnTuTu as 2016’s mot powerful smartphone. You can check out the full specifications HERE. In the meantime, we got you a few sharp photographs of the beautiful OnePlus 3 looking fresh in the sales box. Enjoy!

The Beautiful OnePlus 3 in photos

beautiful OnePlus 3 top

beautiful OnePlus 3 side 1

beautiful OnePlus 3 side 2

beautiful OnePlus 3 angle

Delightful photos these are. Here at, we are huge fans of the OnePlus 3. Have you purchased one or do you plan to acquire one? Tell us about it!

5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery of the beautiful OnePlus 3”

  1. I still can’t come to choose which is great between Xiaomi’s Mi5 and OnePlus 3. I must say, OnePlus 3 is a beauty!

    Now that our exchange rate is awesome, I can only be in company of admirers. Phone’s over 120k *coughs*

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