Photos: Check out the 2016 Honda Civic

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The Honda Civic is a popular car model that sells in numbers. Here’s the 2016 model, performing it’s first test drive. This car model is already associated with fuel economy, but has Honda added overall refinement, better steering experience, a quiet cabin, and high-speed stability. Check out the front view.
2016-Honda-Civic (1)
The back view
2016-Honda-Civic (5)
The side

2016-Honda-Civic (4)
The interior
2016-Honda-Civic (3)
Lovely isn’t she?
2016-Honda-Civic (2)

Thankfully, it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto seamlessly. This is a front-wheel drive, and is estimated to cost around $25,000.


  1. For a supposed budget car I must admit it does look beautiful,guess it’s keeping up with the times..

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