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I took the Galaxy K zoom’s camera for spin one evening after dark and took some shots to demonstrate the performance of the different pre-set modes. You see, Samsung did something really nice for photo enthusiasts – they bundled a number of preset modes – Night, Landscape, HDR, Panorama, Virtual Tour, Action Freeze, Waterfall, Sunset, and more – so non-professional cameramen who have no idea how to fiddle with ISO and other manual settings can get great shots as much as possible.

Here is a screenshot of the Mode Settings, where you can select your favourite modes to be accessible for quick use in the camera app:
K zoom camera modes
There is quite a range of modes to pick from.

Scene One – in three different modes

Night Mode:
K Zoom Galleria Equalizer Night

Auto Mode:
K Zoom Galleria Equalizer Auto

Program Mode:
K Zoom Galleria Equalizer Program

Scene Two – in four different modes

HDR Mode:
K zoom Galleria HDR

Auto Mode:
K zoom Galleria Auto

Program Mode:
K zoom Galleria Program

Night Mode:
K zoom Galleria Night

In my opinion from using the camera, the Program Mode delivers the best results in most scenarios – in daylight or at night. In every shot I have taken pitching Program Mode against Auto, Night, and Beauty Face, it has produced significantly better photos than those others. As such, I have adopted that as my default mode for general photography. HDR should work much better for landscape in daylight, and I will test that out as well. .

I must add that colour rendering has been near perfect using the K zoom, again remembering that as a rule, I am referring to Program Mode. As you can see in the photos above, the colour and other factors are off in the other modes. The K zoom has a hardware shutter button, which is always a nice thing for me.

The Virtual Tour Mode is a very interesting one though, letting the user create interactive virtual tours of a scene. I have tried it out and it is really nice. Viewing the resulting animation is like being walked through the environment shot in 3D. I will be bringing you details of that as well later. Watch out for more review posts about the Galaxy K zoom.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the above photos?

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