Photos: Moverick’s angels hang out with the Samsung Galaxy K zoom

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The Samsung Galaxy k zoom has come visiting us here at MOBILITY. It is a very interesting camera-centric smartphone, packing a 20.7 megapixel camera with both Xenon and LED flashes. The LED assists with focusing. There is a two-stage shutter key on the right side of the device (that’s top side when holding it in camera mode).

k zoom lens extended

A cool angle to the K zoom is that when you launch the camera app, the camera lens extends out automatically, and retracts when you exit the app – or automatically after a few minutes of the app being idle. My kids loved that effect immediately and went, “Wow!”

From the front, the Galaxy K zoom looks like a Galaxy S3:
k zoom in hand front

Yesterday, World Famous Lammy, Christianne and yours truly spent some time away from the hustle and bustle of work. It was a good opportunity to show the Galaxy K zoom off and try it out. For starters, both ladies fell in love with it immediately. The K zoom is a bit chunky and both Lammy and Christianne are petite creatures, so I was taken aback a bit at their excitement about it. That thing about ladies loving big things; right?

On to the photos, here is a group selfie: L-R: Lammy, Mo, and Christy:
k zoom Lammy Mo Christy

Our star of the day was Christianne though. Besides the fact that she fell in love with the Galaxy K zoom at first sight, it turned out that she makes an excellent model. Here is a cute shot of her:

k zoom Christy in chair

Christianne is multilingual and runs Makarios Touch, an agency that offers transcribing services. Follow her on Twitter @1Christar, or reach her by phone on 08116395255. Here is another really nice shot of her:
k zoom Christianne
The colour accuracy and image resolution of the k zoom are very good in the above photos. It really does a good job. You do need to pick the right settings to get this level of photos (I will share those in another article).

Lastly, here is a glass of Chapman taken after dark last Friday night:
Chapman - Samsung K zoom
Click on the image to view the full resolution photo. Below is also a crop of the photo to show the level of details that it reveals. The K zoom does a fine job.

Chapman - Samsung K zoom crop

I will share more about my experience with using the Galaxy K zoom’s camera in some articles to follow, so hang around. Meanwhile, what do you think of the sample photos?

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