Say hello to Xband, Infinix’s beautiful smart bracelet

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Wearables and smart accessories are among the latest trends we have seen in 2016. Many mobile manufacturers are trying out their hands on these smaller piece of tech, probably as a means of staying relevant. Infinix just launched a beautiful smart bracelet called Xband (XBO1). Check it out!!


What does the Xband offer?

According to the Infinix Kenya forum page, the Xband reportedly comes with a lot of exciting features like using it as a Bluetooth receiver. The bracelet helps monitors users’ movement and also works with the customized X-band App that allows users connect and share their fitness goals achieved on social media. It is also fast charge enabled. This watch might arrive first in Kenya.

XBand 1

X-band 3

What do you think of the X-band? Would you buy an Infinix smartwatch?


  1. Just another ugly Smartwatch. Apart from the strap, not particularly impressed.

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