Photos: This is what the new Gmail 5.0 for Android looks like

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Google recently updated Gmail app for Android with a visual makeover and a host of improvements, including support for corporate/Exchange accounts, Yahoo accounts, Outlook accounts and others. I went playing with it to see how it works. Here is what the new Gmail app looks like:

Gmail 5 Inbox

Gmail 5 reading mail

Gmail 5 actions

Gmail 5 menu

Gmail add account

The app has a catchier look and now lets you manage all your email accounts in one place. It is clear that in the close future, the other generic Email app that comes built into Android smartphones will go away. What do you think, mobilistas?


  1. SweeTness!!!! Orgasmic!!!!
    I’m so in. Been using BlueMail (as an alternate for IMAP/ POP, Yahoo & Outlook; good looking mail app but a bit buggy so this is a WELCOME development.
    Upgrading Gmail now…..

  2. No Gmail updates at google play.
    Not working for me.
    Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Jelly Bean Android OS)

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