Remember “Eze Goes To School?” If you do, you’re old! Last week, I was sent an invitation to attend the launch of the iPhone 6

When Mister Mo went to the first ever Etisalat iParty

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Remember “Eze Goes To School?” If you do, you’re old! Last week, I was sent an invitation to attend the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus on the Etisalat Nigeria network. It was dubbed the Etisalat iParty.

Etisalat iParty

The invitation said 4.30pm. Stickler for time that I am, I braved Lagos traffic and made sure that I was there 4.29pm on the dot. Sadly, I spent the next three hours mostly standing waiting for the party to start. Yes; it didn’t start until around 7.30pm. We will get this time thing right one day. But my already creaky bones creaked and hurt for three good hours.

While I waited though, I spent time with the devices to be launched, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.
iPhone 6 - 6 plus

The smaller of the two won my heart immediately. It is handy, sleek and purrs along nicely. The 6 Plus is just a bit too unwieldy for me. Given a choice, I would pick the iPhone 6 in a heartbeat over its larger sibling. But then, that is just a personal preference. There are likely tons of people out there who think the 6 Plus is what the doctor ordered.

Also, while I waited, a number of people got a chance to see my BlackBerry Passport and some of them promptly fell in love. The ladies especially were particularly awed by the camera quality and had me take pictures of them with it. You should see those photos! Darn!! Unfortunately, since I am not sure how ethical it is to publish their photos without their permission (and I didn’t get their contacts; sigh), I am not putting any of those photos up here. But going by my experience, if you’re a single guy, searching and have the money to spend, go buy a Passport. It is a sure way to get the attention of ladies. Don’t quote me on that though. LOL.

In three of those photos, those ladies do look like they were lovestruck and drooling. I suspect it was the Passport that had that effect on them, but I shall be vain and claim that it was the man behind the Passport that was the culprit. Sue me. And just to prove it, before leaving home earlier that day, I took a selfie. This:
Moverick Etisalat iParty
Now, when I put this up as my DP, I was shocked to receive a flood of comments from – yes; you got it right – ladies. Let me share a few:

  1. “This is PhotoShop ooooo. But you fine small sha”
  2. “Goes into orgasmic shock” (I haven’t heard from her since. I hope she survived the shock!)
  3. “This picture must be 3 years back. You look so good and on top of your game.”
  4. “Mr Mo looks 30-something. Excuse me dance please.”

See? Those ladies at the iParty definitely were drooling at me. Argue in your homes and offices. LOL. Okay, perhaps the camera on the Passport is just so good it transforms a creaky old boy into a dashing young stud. Story for the gods. Now, back to the iParty proper…

The iParty was a massive success. The ambience was great. The lighting just right. From the gargantuan display that covered the front wall of the hall to the customised version of Siri that co-hosted the show with Darey, to the awesome music, comedy, and gifts that participants took home, the Etisalat iParty pushed all the right buttons. The concept of having Siri co-host the show was a lovely one, and it worked well. Darey spent all evening talking to a phone. With all the curved ladies who could have graced the stage with him. Poor guy!

What Siri lacked in terms of physical presence, though, she made up for with plenty of wit and intelligence. No Very nice touch. Everywhere you turned in the hall, there were stars, whether they were performing or just invited as guests. Some participants went home with free return tickets to Abu Dhabi, while six winners went home with an iPhone 6 each. Nice touch.

It would have been nice to have returned home with one of those free iPhone 6 gifts, but you know that saying about wishes and horses. Which reminds me that I have never won anything in any promo or lucky dip ever in my life. What’s with that?

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