Photospeak: Nuts about the Lumia 720

I have been a shutter bug for many years. As a mobile phone enthusiast, I ditched dedicated cameras and embraced mobile photography wholly. I love trying out the capabilities of my camera phones. I have owned top camera phones, and still own one today, but I also know that beyond the capabilities of a camera, stunning photos are made more from how good the photographer is able to compose their shots. Now, imagine a good camera phone in the hands of someone who has an imagination, and the results can get pretty interesting.

I thought it would be a nice idea to start sharing some of my compositions with you on these pages. My still compositions often tell a story or capture an essence, and the ones that I will be sharing here will always (I hope) have a mobile phone in it. Having a mobile phone in these compositions makes creating them more challenging, and also means that you hopefully get to see interesting shots of the phones that you find interesting. My aim is to play with arranging a phone around objects to create a theme that you will hopefully enjoy.

To start off the series is this simple but lovely composition that I have labelled, “Nuts about the Nokia Lumia 720”.

Nuts About the Lumia 720
Nuts about the Nokia Lumia 720

This was shot with a Nokia Lumia 920, indoors on a bright afternoon. Flash was turned off. Produced and directed by Mister Mo himself 😉

Nuts, anyone? Or would you rather the Lumia?

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