I have six (6) image editors running on my Windows Phone device. Six. All of them are quite good. In the beginning, each had some

Picking a Default Image Editor for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone Image Editors

I have six (6) image editors running on my Windows Phone device. Six. All of them are quite good. In the beginning, each had some functionality missing. However, over time, with many upgrades down the road, some seem to have matured, and it is time to perhaps pick one and stick with it. Here is a quick list:

1. Built-in editor
2. Fhotoroom
3. Fotor
4. Nokia Creative Studio
5. Photo Editor by Aviary
6. Shrinkit

Built-in Editor

The built-in editor is nice, but it does not include a resizer and does not save edited images separately. Instead, it overwrites them. Duh. It lets you auto-enhance, crop…


One of the most feature-packed. It includes: rotation, cropping, frames, styles and effects. Fhotoroom has however hidden the ability to resize away deep in the editing menu. But at least, it is there. The feature to constrain/maintain aspect ratio doesn’t seem to work though, so one has to do a manual calculation to get resized images out in the right proportion.


Auto and manual enhancement are here. So is cropping in a range of ratios, including custom. Rotating and flipping: check. A range of effects: check. Framing: check. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness: all check. Tilt and shift effects: check. But again, there is no resizing. Sigh. However, Fotor also lets you create collages. Lastly, I love the clean, white interface.

Nokia Creative Studio

This is one very comprehensive suite, including features like: focus object, radial + tilt shift, colour pop, collage, colour balance, brightness, clarity, and vibrance. There is also the ability to crop and rotate, as well as remove red eye. Note: resizing is missing too.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Here, we have enhancements, effects, stickers (cartoonish stuff you an impose on your images), rotation and flipping, very comprehensive cropping, and adjustments of brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. You can add text to your images, draw on them, remove redeye, whiten, and blemish.


Shrinkit is strictly an image resizer and was required because none of the other editors included a resizer. It does nothing else.

My Choice

Having played around with all of the above for a number of months and then evaluating my needs and preferences, I have chosen to retain Fotor and Shrinkit. In my opinion, Fotor is the top image editing app for Windows Phone. Shrinkit complements it by providing image resizing, the only feature that I find lacking in Fotor.


Download Fotor and Shrinkit from the Window Phone Store.


  1. I abandoned Creative Studio in favour of Photo Editor by Aviary because, although I could crop, I couldn’t resize. I don’t use any of the gimmicky stuff but it does the job for me. Might have a look at Fotor at some point.

  2. And I thought I was the only one hunting photo editing apps on WP. Thanks Sir for helping narrow down my search.

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