From pinging to kinging: Christ Embassy has a chat application

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Of all people to take interest in social media, who would’ve thought a church would be interested in powering a chatting application. Christ Embassy led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, owns a chatting application called KingsChat. We spent some time with the app, and here’s what we thought:

Christ Embassy KingsChat (1)

KingsChat is nice looking chat application. Brilliantly picking up ideas from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, plus even Evernote, and meshing them together in one app. Really impressive. The app comes at no cost, it’s easy to use, and setting it up is a breeze. Simply add your phone number, input the confirmation code sent to you as text, and you’re in.


You’re then presented with a screen to invite people in your contact list via SMS. The chat screen is simple. Click the balloon icon to PING!! There’s also support for smileys and voice messages, attachments and the like.It shows an ‘S’ for sent messages and ‘R’ for read messages. Now unto the more interesting part.


KingsChat has a Twitter-like kind of timeline. You see trending hash tags. From there you can see peoples tweets, then comment and/or like them. You can meet people here too, add them up and start a conversation. There’s also group chats, offline messages etc.

Overall, we think this is a clever copy of features from BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, all-in-one app. From what we saw, the timelines are filled with religious tweets, not hate, gossip or feminists talk. This is a good one from Christ Embassy (I stand to be corrected if the claim is wrong).

Download KingsChat for Android HERE.\

Thanks to Sir Kaylese Emele for pointing this to us.


  1. Thank you so much Elroy…
    @Ehis @Femiblaze It might have been developed by a Church, but it’s not exclusive. It’s open for anyone just like our social networking site

    You can check it out. Thanks

  2. The concept behind it is not bad really being for the religiously inclined will help to sanitize the kind of posts filtered unto the timeline thereby limiting overtly sensitive information,at least parents won’t be too apprehensive about what their kids gets up to..

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