Pintasking is a great multitasking tool for smartphones

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Multitasking is a huge part of our daily lives. Furthermore, all smartphones now come with the ability to do multiple things at the same time. However, some people might not be impressed with the multitasking function on their smartphones. For example, switching between apps easily is quite the task on some smartphones. Therefore, to make things easier, you could use a multitasking tool like Pintasking.

Pintasking is a simple multitasking tool that makes use of floating shortcuts to show your most recent apps. This is reminiscent of Facebook Messenger’s chat heads. By default, it shows up as a notification in your dropdown menu. When you tap on it, you pin the application you are currently using, then you switch to any other app. A bubble of the previous app shows up on the screen, and whenever you want to go back to the first app, all you need to do is tap the bubble.multitasking tool pintasking

This certainly makes multitasking on your smartphone much easier. On Android smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, sometimes your apps get restarted when you tap on them in the Recent Apps section. But with Pintasking, you simply begin where you left off.

Pintasking is available on Google Play Store.

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