PiX Magazine December/January 2011 Cover Shoot using the Nokia N8

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The Nokia N8 keeps shining. The cover of the December/January edition of South Africa’s leading photo magazine, Pix, was shot using a Nokia N8.

PiX Dec Jan cover

To quote the Editor of PiX, “Yip, look at that cover again. Hard to believe it was shot with a cellphone, isn’t it?

Checkout the news item at PiX Magazine Online

Here’s a behind the scenes video of the shoot:


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  1. The N8 has shown time and time again that it is the king of the hill as far as Mobile phone cameras are concerned, it’s a pity i’m gonna skip the Symbian 3 devices altogether, i’m gonna wait for a meego device, tried the N900 a while ago and it’s linux background speaks just couldn’t believe the amount of hacker sensitive apps i found for my friends device

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