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Everywhere I turned, I heard about Angry Birds. I spend a huge amount of time interacting with people offline and online. A bulk of them would make some sort of reference to how addictive this game by Rovio was. The day I gave it a try, I was hooked on it immediately.

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Angry Birds is available on Symbian, Android, iOS and other platforms. It is also available as a desktop app for PC – for a fee.

On the second day of Google I/O conference, there were lots of announcements. One was about WebGL, a solution that allows the Angry birds game to be available on chrome browser online. Once the game was running, it would store locally on your PC, and be available for you to play offline thereafter. The game plays at 60 frames per seconds, sufficient for a high resolution experience.

If you have a chrome browser you can give it a spin immediately at

If you do give it a try, let me have your thoughts.


  1. It has been available on the Apple App Store and Intel Appup for $4.99.

    Its gr8 its free on Chrome. tks Google.

    I Started and completed the whole stages this weekend, now waiting for Google&Rovio to extend the stages.

  2. bosun, bosun99uk, ha ha ha!

    hmm! some people can play game! anyway it is angry bird, the most popular game in the world round now.

    I think its a good thing that Google made it free. Enjoy 🙂

  3. @Tosin A

    Angry Birds is free on virtually every recognized Mobile platform, unless u are using a BB.

    If not, Just go to your Application store and search for it.

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