Pliris BlazeX Octa scores great on AnTuTu

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The Pliris BlazeX Octa is still in development, but the sleek looking smartphone is looking good not only in terms of visuals, but also benchmark testing. A prototype was put through AnTuTu and returned an overall score of 25, 237. This puts it in the same class as the HTC One in terms of performance. Not bad at all. Quick specs:

  • 5-inch, 720 x 1280 pixel Full HD display
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.3
  • 1.7Ghz Octa-core processor
  • 1GB or 2GB RAM (Pliris are undecided yet)
  • 13MP rear camera back, 5MP front-facing camera
  • pack includes case with face cover

Here is a sneek peek at the device:

You like? We like! Likely release date? June 12, 2014 is what we are told. Watch this space, people.


  1. Should be a screamer.

    But I would always take those benchmark apps results with a huge goblet of dissolved salt..

    Real life TestTheMoney may be better…

  2. if the launch is 3 weeks away I assume the first batch is ready for shipping or already being shipped to PlirisMobile. so saying they’re undecided about RAM is a joke. plus for a flagship device in 2014, 1 GB RAM is a step back (indeed a few flagships have 3 GB RAM) especially since the phone isn’t running (resource efficient) KitKat out of the box. i’m guessing the prototype used for benchmarking had 2 GB RAM otherwise it wouldn’t come anywhere near the HTC One (M7 or M8).

  3. The flagship is the XT not the X and it comes with a 2GB RAM.

    And things are done faster these days (the wheel is not being re-invented) … 3 weeks is too much time…

  4. even if it’s not THE flagship device, 1 GB RAM’s on the low side. midrange devices with 1.5/2 GB RAM are more common these days (Tecno R7, Gionee E7 mini, HTC Desire 618, 710, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2) , especially since devices pushing 8 cores. 8 cores 1 GB RAM is not a good look, especially when the phone’s not running KitKat.

    also if the usual supply paradigm’s followed, it’s not reinventing the wheel. if all you do is make it spin faster

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